About the Book

"Stardust" is an original story inspired by a song! The amazing illustrations are by rising illustrator-artist, John Lollar.

This is the enchanting story of Creation as the Little Goddess sits in the Time Before Time, in the Dark Before Dark. She holds out her hand and there is only one tiny, sparkling mote of Stardust! With illustrations that are completely enchanting, generations of children will cherish this book and the timeless story it tells! Perfect for parents to read at bed time - and great for kids to read on their own, too!

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My First Witchy Book Series

"Stardust" is the first book in the new imprint for Ancient Sisters Press written especially for children! The books in this series are destined to become a cherished part of children's libraries and collectors items! More titles will be available soon.

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Sneak Preview

Take a look at some of the beautiful pages and the amazing illustrations in "Stardust"