Planning 2023 Tours

Dates are starting to lineup, starting in March! Stay tuned for the latest news and schedule!

Ginger Ackley

12/6/20222 min read

Plans are being made to hit the road starting in March 2023! There's a big event being planned in Youngstown. April will see me at Our Haven for Beltane. June really heats up with Tode Fest in Indiana followed the next weekend by Chrysalis Moon in Eagle Cave, Wisconsin. Right after I get home, I head out to the Ohio Viking Festival at the Trumbull County Fairgrounds, where there will be much mead and merriment! The second weekend in July is a Women's Wellness gathering in Oberlin, OH. Starwood is the following weekend and that is always a blast PLUS the IPMA Awards will be held there again! August is Cleveland Pagan Pride and who knows what else will happen this year?

EnCHANTica Goes On!

EnCHANTica is a weekly gathering to share music, chant and song. We are currently gathering on Facebook Live, although I am researching other alternatives. It started the week the pandemic lockdown started in March 2020 and has been going ever since.

We have gathered a wonderful collection of traditional, contemporary and original chants and songs that center around the elements and a beautiful earth-based spirituality. Our growing community is made up of folks from all spiritual paths and they are located all over the world. The videos remain available from Facebook and are repeated each Sunday on Fringe TV Online.

Writing and Recording

There are so many new songs and chants, I don't know if I will ever get them ALL recorded! But I am going to try! Sometimes, all it takes is a word of suggestion and the songwriting process kicks into gear.

Seriously, though, I do have plans to work on a new EnCHANTica album and a new regular song collection, too. I want to put out an instrumental album, as well. I am proud to be working with Sue Balaschak of FireBand Records and I know anything she gives a thumbs up to will be great!

The Red Album

Currently, I am working on a special project called The Red Album.

It is a collaboration between artists from all over to support Human Reproductive Rights though their music. I will be submitting a piece of music called "Reclaim" and it is one of the deepest projects I have ever done. More on the Red Album as it takes shape!